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Founded in 1827, St. Paul’s is an historic and active parish. For close to two centuries, we have sought to make God’s message of hope and love known in the Rochester community. 

Today, we continue to honor God as a vibrant and inclusive congregation. We are committed to ministries of prayer and worship, lifelong Christian learning, community engagement and outreach, and compassionate care for one another and for the world. We celebrate our growth, our diversity and the great privilege we have in welcoming all who seek to serve God in the world. We welcome all who long to know God’s reign of mercy and love. We welcome you!

We invite all—believers, seekers and skeptics—to participate in our worship. Whether or not you are a member of St. Paul’s, there is a place for you in our search for God.

Becoming a member

If you are an Episcopalian, simply let us know the name of your last parish, and we will write to request a Letter of Transfer. 

If you come from another Christian tradition (Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc.) and have been baptized, you may have your baptism recorded here. Simply complete a form that we will provide you upon request. 

If you have not been baptized, you may request baptism. Simply make an appointment to speak to one of the clergy. 

Join St. Paul's

our clergy & Staff
The Rev. Canon
Robert A. Picken
The Reverend 
Jay P. Burkardt

Assistant Rector


The Rev.
Sue Ouellette, PhD
picture-not-available (1).jpg

Organ Scholar


Dr. Robert Poovey

Director of Music


Nancy Grear

Director, Adult Faith Formation


Dorrie Champlain

Sunday Nursery Care

On Leave

Candace Hoffman-Hussein

Sunday Nursery Care

On Leave

Amy Welker

Director, Youth and Family Ministries


Judy McGrath

Parish Accountant


Lisa Werner

Accounting and Administrative Assistant


Natosche Holt

Front Desk Assistant


Bob Potter

Property Manager


Dave McEntee

Maintenance Associate

Jim D'Angelo

Maintenance Associate


City School Outreach Coordinator

Judy Loveland

Wedding Coordinator

Michelle Mousseau

Executive Director,

Childcare Center


St Paul's Vestry

The Rev. Robert Picken, Rector
Rita Lancy and Ingrid Stanlis, Wardens
Rick Harrison, Treasurer
Judy McGrath, Clerk


Members of the Vestry

Class of 2021: Kevin Frisch, Julie Gedro, Brent Johnson, Doug Kelley

Class of 2022: Mara Hazzard-Wallingford, Andrew Welker, Al Zenner

Class of 2023: Nan Brown, Erin Glanton, Chari Krenis, Erin Wright

Facility Rental

St. Paul’s opens its doors to the community for all types of events. We have many attractive spaces for a wide variety of uses such as: receptions, concerts, religious services, workshops, and weddings, just to name a few.

Rental Hours

Monday - Thursday




Other times available upon request

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Property Manager 

Bob Potter 

Phone: (585) 271-2240

Email: bpotter@stpaulsec.org

A completed rental form and deposit must be received no later than two weeks prior to your reservation.

St Paul's

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Parish Office Hours 
Mondays-Thursdays 10:00am to 4:00pm 
Fridays 10am to Noon

Phone (585) 271 - 2240

Fax (585) 271 - 8879

25 Westminster Road

Rochester, New York  14607

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