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Pastoral Support


Clergy support

The clergy of St. Paul’s are available to meet with you during times of need and celebration.  Whether it is the birth of a child, an illness, the death of a loved one, or any other need you may have the clergy want to walk with you in faith. Please keep us aware of what is going on in your lives. Conversations are always confidential.   

Contact the Clergy Directly


Healing prayer ministry

Healing prayers are offered at the Noon Eucharist every Wednesday. On the first Sunday of the month, lay ministers and clergy offer healing prayer during the time of Communion.  At any time upon request, the clergy will also pray with you.

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Prayer Lists

Asking the congregation to intercede for you and/or a loved one is an important witness to the power of prayer. You may choose to add someone to the Sunday or Wednesday list or both; names are generally left on for one month unless otherwise noted.

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Caring Ministries

There are a variety of other pastoral support ministries offered in our congregation: Altar Flower Delivery, Prayer Shawl, Transportation, Eucharistic Visitors, and more. To get involved or learn more, click the link below.

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